Is Bunnies Matter a rescue?

Bunnies Matter currently works with other rescues in Las Vegas to help the dumped bunnies of Las Vegas.  We are currently finding homes for the few remaining of the original 65 dumped bunnies at Floyd Lamb Park after working with Michele Fiore and the City of Las Vegas to rescue them.  We also do adoption events every Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM at Floyd Lamb Park.  We try to educate prospective bunny owners as well as representatives that can help change the spay and neuter laws.

We also help to get the word out via the media and we assist animal control in policing so that feed stores and pet stores don’t sell unfixed bunnies.

How is Bunnies Matter helping?

First, we are trying to help educate the public through local public events, social media, local news sources and internet magazines.  Currently, there are many bunny heroes or wanna-be bunny heroes, organized and un-organized, trying to help these dumpsite bunnies throughout Las Vegas. We are trying to assist others already helping in any way we can. When we came on the scene, there were no viable, established bunny rescues in Las Vegas that are really doing anything to help these dumpsite bunnies.  Since most of these bunnies were on State property, “legally” no one could help them (All rescued in 2018!!!). Most rescues in Vegas are filled to the brim with bunnies and looking for donations to care for the bunnies they currently have. Unfortunately, just a few bunnies, not fixed, is a huge liability for any rescue to take on without additional donations. We have been very successful in trying to change the old and outdated laws and ordinances that do not help the over-population of dogs, cats, bunnies, ferrets, or pot-bellied pigs.  We just got word on October 15, 2019 that Henderson is going to be joining Clark County and the City of Las Vegas by including rabbits to have to be spay and neutered before sold or adopted out.

Do we sell bunnies?

Bunnies Matter does not sell bunnies.  We do help others find forever homes for bunnies and we do have some bunnies that can that can be adopted for an $80 donation to Bunnies Matter. Please see our adoptions page.

What are some good bunny resources?

The website links below are some of the best bunny resources, articles and websites we’ve found.

The Bunny Lover’s Complete Guide To House Rabbits: The Ultimate Handbook for Successfully Living Indoors with a Pet Rabbit – Written by Stephan Flores, aka “The Bunny Guy” on Facebook

Living With A House Rabbit – A great article if you are thinking about getting your first rabbit or two.

How To Properly Pick Up Your Bunny – An Uplifting Experience is a good information resource for beginners.

Housing (for your bunny) – Some tips on what you need to safely keep a bunny in your home.

Are Two Rabbits Right For You? – Two bonded bunnies are better than one for many reasons and this way, they always have a friend and do not get lonely.

Helping An Injured Bunny – What to do if you find an injured bunny.

Humane Society – Be a responsible pet owner

What vets in Las Vegas can help bunnies?

Southern Hills Animal Hospital

6545 South Fort Apache #150   Las Vegas, NV 89148
Phone: (702) 586-1300 Fax: (702) 586-0770



Mon to Fri – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Saturday – 8:00 am to 12:00 pm
Sunday – Closed

24-hr Emergency Care

VE+CC (Veterinary Emergency + Critical Care)
8650 W Tropicana Ave #104, 89147
Phone:  (702) 262-7070

Comment:  Dr. Blakesley and her staff are extremely caring and attentive with all your animals.  Dr. Blakesley has been very generous in donating additional time and medicine to help care for many of our rescued bunnies.  So far she has spayed and neutered over 35 rescue bunnies for a couple of us with fantastic results and zero issues.

Aloha Animal Hospital

7341 S. Torrey Pines Dr.   Las Vegas, NV 89139
Phone: (702) 567-5222



Mon to Fri – 8:00 am to 6:00 pm
Saturday – 8:00 am to 1:00 pm
Sunday – Closed

SAT: 8AM – 1PM

Comment:  Their vets are very knowledgeable about bunnies with health problems.

Flamingo Pet Clinic

2675 E. Flamingo Rd Ste 1
Las Vegas, NV 89121
Phone: (702) 734-9761
Fax: (702) 734-6905



Mon to Fri – 8:00 am to 5:30 pm
Saturday – 8:00 am to 3:30 pm
Sunday – Closed

Comment:  Dr. Kenton Bryan is very knowledgeable and is able to give discounts to 501(c)3 rescues.

West Flamingo Animal Hospital

5445 W Flamingo Road
Las Vegas, NV 89103
Phone: (702) 514-7058


Mon to Fri – 8:00 am to 10:00 pm
Saturday – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm
Sunday – 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Comment:  If you need to take your pet in late in the day on a weekday or on a Sunday, this place is good and the only one with extended weekday & Sunday hours.

What supplies do I need to own bunnies?

As a new bunny owner, you need to have a good bunny supply list.  One of the first things new bunny owners don’t realize is that bunnies require a lot of stuff and a lot of space. Setting up a proper bunny habitat can be expensive but also a lot of fun too! Below is our “must have” bunny supply list that you can use.

  • Puppy/Dog Exercise Pen. You can purchase these at many pet supply stores like Petco, Petsmart, Jones Feed or on Amazon (by searching dog exercise pen or x-pen). This is the best way to house a bunny inside your home as it provides adequate space and it easy to clean/maintain. Please be sure to still allow your bunny to run around and exercise outside the exercise pen for as many hours a day as you can. We will not approve an adoption if a cage or hutch is ONLY going to be used as they are not big enough for bunnies and is sort of like being in jail for a bunny. Remember; bunnies, even small bunnies, need space!
  • 2 heavy ceramic flat bottom crocks for water and pellets. Self-watering bowls work very well too. We don’t recommend using only auto water bottles.
  • Litter boxes. We really like Sterilite 28 quart storage (clear) box sold at Walmart. The sides are high enough to keep everything contained and wide enough even for bigger bunnies or bonded pairs. They also have cat-sized litter boxes for less than $4. Do not waste your money on corner litter boxes as they are too small for a bunny and hay and they will not maintain good litter habits.
  • We like to use Equine pine pellets. You can also find pine pellets at most feed stores. Recycled paper cat pellets (pictured above) work great too. Just be sure to get *pellets* and not shavings or any sand type cat litter as these will kill your bunny.
  • Hay! The most important part of a rabbit’s diet. Young bunnies, under 6-8 months old will need alfalfa hay (at 5 or so months old, start to mix in timothy hay before you completely transition to all timothy). Adult bunnies should only be fed timothy or orchard hay. One place to purchase hay in Las Vegas is Jones Feed & Tack on Rancho Drive. Bagged hay sold in pet stores is not recommended as it is not very fresh, a LOT more expensive, and most bunnies won’t eat it well.
  • We like to only feed Sherwood Forest ( or Oxbow to all our foster rabbits. Sherwood can only be ordered online, but they are reasonably priced and ship quickly. Oxbow can be purchased online. Do *not* feed your rabbit a pellet with colored bits or seeds/nuts. Plain pellets only! *Please note, most pellets sold in Petco, Petsmart, Walmart or any store that sells pet products are not good quality pellets. It is very important to feed a quality pellet for the health of your bunny. Here is a rabbit pellet comparison chart to refer to
  • Greens and veggies. Please see a list of recommended veggies and fruits. Bunnies should get 1 cup per 2 lbs of body weight of leafy greens daily! So for a 5 lb bunny, you should be feeding 2 ½ cups daily.
  • Cat or small dog carrier. We really like open-top carriers as they are easier to get a bunny in and out. You will need a carrier to not only bring your bunny home safely but for vet visits as well.
  • Nail clippers. We really like this style of nail clippers
  • Brush or comb.A favorite in our rescue is a HairBuster
  • Bunnies need chew toys, it keeps them happy and stops them from chewing your carpet and baseboards.

Also, please see our list of rabbit savvy vets in Las Vegas.

A well-informed bunny person makes for a happy house rabbit!