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Our Approach

About Us

We are bunny lovers working together to help educate people around our country about bunnies.  Together we can help stop bunnies from being dumped in parks, golf courses and neighborhoods around the country. We have done a lot of good things here in Las Vegas to help our bunny dumpsite problem here. Listed below our some of the things you can do to help clean up the rabbit problems in your city.

  1.  One of the first things you need to do is to research your current animal ordinances in your jurisdiction(s).  Here in our city, it is Las Vegas CIty, Las Vegas County and Henderson that we have changed or are currently changing the spay and neuter laws. If rabbits don't required to be spay and neutered before sale or adoption, that should be your goal to change that. Target and talk to people in your government who are the animal lovers and stress the importance of spay and neuter laws to help stop the dumping of rabbits. Take them a young, irresistible baby bunny and explain that it cost approximately $200 to spay or neuter a bunny, so pet stores and feed stores selling them cheaping is a sort of false advertising. Also, pet stores and feed stores in general offer little or no education, which can be disastrous for the bunnies.
  2. Open a Facebook page. If you work with Bunnies Matter, we will provide you a website page (In LA your page would be Bunnies Matter in LA too). You will want to set up fundraising like GoFundMe, Paypal, Amazon links and maybe an account with a feed store in your area. There are many items you will always need but exercise pens (x-pens) are crucial in any rabbit rescue.
  3. Open a mailchimp account so that you can make links to share and recruit volunteers to help you with your mission.  See our volunteer page here.  https://bunniesmatter.org/volunteers/

Our Story

Our Volunteers

Bunnies Matter is different from most bunny rescue assistance type groups in that all of our amazing volunteers contribute their time AND money to help these bunnies. This is a grassroots effort and as a group, we cannot solely rely upon or wait on outside donations to help the bunnies because we cannot stop helping them even if we don't have the donations. If you want to help, but can't afford to pay for food for the bunnies, the bunnies always need fresh water at the dumpsites and there are many waterers that could be refilled at no cost to a volunteer. There are bunny dumpsites all over Vegas today.  #missionimpossible is our goal.



LasVegasBunniesMatter@gmail.com or text at (562) 373-5376

If you call us, it will probably go to voicemail and we will get back to you later.