Las Vegas Bunnies

Available For Adoption

IMPORTANT NOTICE:  Bunnies Matter Rescue will only adopt out bunnies that will ONLY be permanently HOUSED INSIDE YOUR HOME, NO EXCEPTIONS TO THIS RULE. If you don’t understand why we require this, please do some research on bunnies.  

Bunnies will live 10X longer and healthier lives INDOORS! 


Bunnies are “exotic” pets and MORE EXPENSIVE THAN DOGS & CATS. They are NOT starter pets for anyone, especially children.  Bunnies should not be purchased for holidays (like Easter) or birthdays.  They require SPECIAL CARE, HOUSING AND DIET.  YOUR RABBIT SHOULD NEVER BE HOUSED IN A CAGE.

Bunnies are FOREVER PETS (they can live 12+ years INSIDE), NOT temporary pets that you can discard when you move, when you get pregnant, or when you get a new job.  If you have other allergies, please get tested first for hay and rabbit allergies if you are allergic to other animal hair.

All SINGLE bunny adoptions are $100 and bonded pairs, which we recommend, are now only $150 PER BONDED PAIR!  Every rescued bunny costs our rescue a minimum of $185 to spay/neuter, chip and vaccinate.  Every bunny or pair of bunnies comes with complete bunny starter kit with everything you need to set up a safe place in your home for a bunny (approx. $150 value).  So for every bonded pair we adopt out, we lose over $300. We have VERY generous supporters who love what we do to save bunnies in Las Vegas and that is how we are able to give you healthy, vetted bunnies with A full equipment set up at only a fraction of what it would cost you to do it correctly if you bought a rabbit from a breeder or pet store.

Please email us at or text us at (562) 373-5376 if you have any questions or need an appointment because you can’t come to our adoption event on a Saturday.

As stated above, ALL adoptions come with a FULL BUNNY FOOD & HOUSING STARTER KIT!  Please don’t run out and buy a bunch of equipment or food before you adopt from us.  We give you everything you need to house them PLUS at least a 2 months food supply too! You can always buy other fun stuff later.  We do this to save you TIME & MONEY $$$ and to give your new family member(s) a great start!





Once you have completed the application, you can scan it and email it, or take a picture and email it, or take a picture and text it to the below email address or text #. or text at (562) 373-5376

If you call, it will probably go to voicemail and we will get back to you later.

Payment for adoptions can be made to our GoFundMe page at:

(GoFund Me for Dumpsite Bunnies)

via Paypal to




Below are just some of the bunnies we have at Floyd Lamb Park. 


Hopscotch was rescued from Sunset park by a fellow Bunny Rescuer, and she has been fostering her until we have room at the park. 
As with all of our adoptions, you will receive a COMPLETE setup, no need to go out and buy your supplies. We give you EVERYTHING you need to get started. 
PEN # 1
Minnie & Lefty were surrendered by a woman who we helped with some babies that were born 8 months ago, and now she feels that she can no longer care for the bunnies Minnie is the mom and Lefty is her son. They are both extremely friendly, love attention and pets. They are both fixed, they just need chipped & vaccinated, but they are looking for their FurEver homes! We don’t know how old they are, we only know they are at least 2 yr old.
PEN # 2
Storm & Sanchez are a bonded male & female pair, and both have been fixed, chipped & vaccinated. They recently spent time at a Fosters, where they were socialized and given a ton of love and attention. They both will come to you for a treat and some loving and are ready for their FurEver Home!They will both be 2 in May.
PEN #3
Faline was brought to us with another bunny, Thunder. The rescuer found the pair of bunnies in a box on the sidewalk marked FREE. They kept the bunnies until we had room. We have them separated because they said they were fighting, but more so because they were an unfixed male & female. Faline was recently spayed and chipped so she only needs her vaccination, but she is ready for her FurEver home. Faline is a Rex, so her fur is like velvet!
PEN #4
Peanut & Buttercup are the cutest pair of bunnies. Our little famous Peanut has come a long way with his head tilt, but unfortunately, his head will always be tilted. Although these 2 bunnies are otherwise healthy, Peanut is considered a “Medical Bunny” and will need to go to a home and owner with previous bunny experience, as he still tries to spin when he is picked up. Both bunnies have been fixed, & chipped, however only Buttercup has been vaccinated. They both love attention! Peanut’s birthday is 4/1/18 and Buttercup’s is 4/29/21


PEN #5
Lori & Torie – Back in October of last year we were helping a lady that rescued a bunny who then had babies. Lori & Torie are the last 2 that need to be rehomed. They are both very playful, curious & very animated. They both have been chipped, vaccinated & spayed and looking for their FurEver Home! We can’t believe that they have not been adopted yet! 🙂 Their birthdays are 10/17/21
PEN #6
Hope & Matthew are a newly bonded pair of bunnies. Hope has been with us for a while, she is a little shy at first but a very nice bunny. Matthew came from Hearts Alive Village, where he had been rescued, and we took him in to help get him adopted. As soon as we put the 2 together, it was love at first hop! Mathew is the gray Rex, and he is a great bunny. Both have been fixed and chipped, however, Mathew still needs his vaccination, but they are both ready for their FurEver Home! Hope’s birthday is 1/1/19 and Matthew’s is 7/8/19
PEN #7
Sabina & Salem were originally being fostered from Bunnies Matter in Vegas Two, and since that rescue no longer exists, we took the bunnies in. They received a lot of love from their foster family, and the bunnies got along great with the kids. They have both been fixed and chipped, but we are not sure about their vaccination status. They are very sweet bunnies and would be a great addition to your home! 
PEN #8 
Morticia & Hawk are a mother & son bonded pair of bunnies.  Hawk is very curious and playful and will typically come to the edge of the pen to see what’s going on. Both bunnies have been fixed, chipped and vaccinated and are fun bunnies to be around, and of course, looking for their FurEver home! Morticia’s birthday is 5/14/20 and Hawk’s is 1/4/21
PEN #9 
Bun Bun V was surrendered because the daughter went to college and the mom didn’t want to take care of him. He is a very sweet bunny, has been fixed and is just waiting to get chipped & vaccinated and he is ready for his FurEver Home!
PEN #10
Faith & Stella – Faith was surrendered to us last year from a dump site and Stella was a surrender. We decided to put them together and they absolutely loved it! Faith is white and Stella is black, so they compliment each other. They were adopted out last December, but they were recently returned. They are fixed, chipped & Vaccinate and ready for their FurEver Home!
PEN #11 
Snowball & Vixen are an adorable pair of bonded “senior” bunnies. Vixen is a spayed female who is 6 years old and was rescued from the SCPA and Snowball is a neutered male who is 4. Their owners are moving to Hawaii and are finding that the current restrictions on bringing in bunnies from here, they feel with a potential 120-day quarantine, would not be fair to the bunnies. There is also a severe illness in the family, causing a lot of emotional stress. They would like to find a home that can give them the life they are accustomed to; a large free-roaming area and being spoiled.  They are both very loving bunnies. Will you be the adopters that will spoil them?


PEN #12
Crush  & Rex are a cute couple that were headed off to TAF when someone intervened. Crush Is a cute peach Lionhead & Rex…. well she’s a Rex. They came in separate since they were not fixed, but we were able to reunite them and they are a great bonded pair! They have been fixed and chipped, but still need their vaccination, but they are looking for their FurEver home!
PEN #13 
Honey and Bee are from the original Floyd Lamb Rescue back in 2018, so they are over 4 years old. They were both adopted at the beginning of 2020, but unfortunately were returned. They enjoy getting petted on their backs instead of their ears, according to their foster parents and love playing with their blankets! They have been returned from the fosters, completely potty-trained and ready for their FurEver Home!
PEN #14
Buggs & Avery were recently returned. They were adopted from us back in November of 2019. They owners are citing that the daughter really doesn’t want them anymore and that they are moving to an area where the HOA says they can’t have bunnies. They are a pair of bonded sisters, who have been spayed chipped & vaccinated! According to the previous owner, Buggs is a complete sweetheart, who loves attention and pets. Avery does not like being picked up and will grunt. They both enjoy getting attention and can’t wait to find their FurEver home! Both of their birthdays are 11/1/18.
PEN #15
Dave & Roxie have been living the life of luxury, hanging out at a foster, getting socialized and spoiled. It’s time for them to come back to the park so they can be adopted. Roxie is the more outgoing of the two, seeking out attention and enjoying getting petted and a treat. Dave is a lot shyer and takes his time to get his pets. Both love their treats, have been fixed, chipped & vaccinated and are looking for their FurEver Home! Both bunnies were born on 1/1/20.
PEN #16
Dottie & Bobby were discovered in a sweet elderly lady’s backyard (Dottie was named after her) and was worried her dog might hurt them, so we took them in. As with all rescues, we don’t know much about them, but we can say they are both very friendly and loveable (I’m actually surprised they have not been adopted, Dottie is a sweetheart & has a beautiful coat). We have guessed their ages to be around 8 months old, and they have both been fixed, chipped & vaccinated, so they are ready for their FurEver home! SUPER SWEET BUNNIES!  
PEN #17
Ollie aka Billie was found at a cat TNR colony, and was brought to us for help. He was then adopted out last September but was returned on 2/1/22. Ollie is such a sweet bunny, loves attention and is not shy at all, he will make a great addition to any family. He has been fixed, chipped & Vaccinated and ready for his FurEver Home! His birthday is 3/3/21.

Building 2

Mouse & Ears are both little black bunnies that we rescued from a dumpsite. One is probably a few weeks older than the other one, but both are around 4 months old. Ears has a little bite on his ear, that’s how he got his name. 

Bunnies at our holding site


Ana Fisia & BeBe were surrendered to us back in April, with Peanut, our medical head tilt bunny. Bebe is currently being treated for head-tilt as well. The owners had lost their home and were not able to provide proper care to their bunnies. BeBe is Anna Fisias’ mom and both are around 5 years old. They are both very loving bunnies, with BeBe always coming to the pen when you are there to say hello and get a little attention. Ana is more reserved but it only takes a few minutes for her to see what’s going on and get in on the action. Both bunnies have been fixed, chipped & vaccinated and looking for their FurEver home!! Will you be the family that gives these sweet bunnies their FurEver Home?

Anna is currently a medical bunny with head-tilt and is on medication.


Sky & Costello, if you have been following us, are the bunnies that a cat drug into someone’s home. They were just babies and we were able to hand feed them and help them survive. Now, at 4 months old, they are cute, playful and curious little bunnies. They have been chipped, vaccinated & fixed and ready for their FurEver home! These two were removed from the park when Sky started not feeling well and is currently being treated for EC.  His left eye has been attacked by EC and will probably need to be removed. 


Buster was recently bonded but it didn’t work out so he is still available as a single, he is 2 1/2 years old and has been chipped, vaccinated & fixed. He is currently at a fosters house, but if you want to meet him, we can make arrangements. He is a very chill bunny and takes everything in stride. According to his foster, “he will follow you around the kitchen, looking for a petting”.



Hopscotch was rescued from Sunset park by a fellow Bunny Rescuer, and she has been fostering her until we have room at the park. 
If you would like to meet Hopscotch before she comes to the park, let me know.

Marshmallow came to us back in January, and after only a few days we realized that this bunny was probably abused. She hid and flinched if you tried to touch her. She immediately we to a fosteryear where she began her socialization. She stayed with the first set of fosters for several months, but they felt they were not getting anywhere with her, so she came back to us. Our next foster said he would try and she has become a new bunny. She doesn’t mind being petted and won’t run away if you walk up to the pen. She is very close to being ready for her FurEver home. Probably one without small children. She has been fixed and chipped, but not vaccinated. We wanted to wait until we knew that trip to the vet wouldn’t set her back. If you would like to meet Marshmallow, just let us know! 

Bunnies needing re-homed, still with owners





 Bunnies are at least a 10 YEAR COMMITMENT, so please don’t adopt them if you are not going to love them like you would a member of your family.

Current bunnies available can be seen above or on Facebook by clicking the link below:

If you decide that a bunny is not right for you, please consider giving a donation to help save more of the “DUMPSITE” bunnies. 


We are currently holding public adoption events at Floyd Lamb Park every Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM. 

We will still also continue to do “private” bunny adoptions by “appointment only” as well on other days!

To visit the bunnies at Floyd Lamb Park, from the 215, exit to 95 north to Durango Blvd, go right (NE). Follow Durango to Brent Lane (Entrance to the park is N. Durango & Brent Lane) and take a right (E). This will take you to the entrance booth. After the entrance booth ($6 a car but free for Veterans & Handicapped – Discounts for Seniors), take the first paved road right and proceed towards the white fence (there are always 2 big dumpsters on the right-hand side. Continue to drive on the road and through the white fence.  Follow the paved road about a 1/4 mile our building will be straight ahead on the right (original Cow Building). It has stalls for animals (cows) in front of it.
Please do not use your GPS for Floyd Lamb Park, 9200 Tule Springs Rd as it will take you to a back area of the park.

For appointments please text or email at

(562) 373-5376

Adoption prices are as follows:

$100 each for all bunnies  Most of our rescued bunnies have been vaccinated and chipped.  However, not all have been fixed as their rescues have not been fully funded yet. Surrenders we receive are usually not vaccinated, chipped or fixed.  In these cases, we are asking for a donation (adoption fee) to pay for most of the cost of the spay or neuter, regardless if it has been done yet. Most of our bunnies have already been bonded and we do not separate them. We occasionally have singles, however, bunnies are social animals and love a friend.  In general, we do not recommend a single bunny living by themselves. Every adoption includes the following equipment:

X-Pen, 2 litter boxes, 25 lb bag of woody pellets for the litter boxes, 25 lb bag of alfalfa bunny food pellets, a large bag of Timothy hay, food bowl, water bowl, tarp, nail clippers, hidey box, a used pet carrier (donated to us) and of course, your bunnies! Just the equipment package is easily valued at over $125.00

Payment for adoptions can be made to our GoFundMe page at:

(GoFundMe Help Save the Dumpsite Bunnies)

via Paypal to




In the event one or both of your bunnies need to be fixed, it will be considered an “Foster to Adopt”. By current City and County ordinances, we cannot adopt out a bunny that has not been fixed. You will fill out the appropriate paperwork, pay for the bunnies/equipment and make an appointment for the spay/neuter with our vet. Until the bunny has been fixed, you may NOT move your bunny out of state. Once your bunny or bunnies have been fixed, we will send you your chip transfer email for you to confirm ownership of your bunnies.