Bunnies can be very expensive pets. Below are our some of our rescue receipts below totalling $ 798.09 since March 2017 but that is just a small fraction of what we and our many volunteers spend as we don't post the $100s of dollars we spend each week in fresh vegetables, pellets, hay, bowls, and waterers.  We also have thousands of dollars in vet bills we could show you of feral bunnies we have fixed that last couple of years. If you wish to help us help bunnies, you can go to our donation page.


Jones Feed Receipts - X-Pens and Cage - $183.74

Lowe's Receipt - $57.34

Walmart Water Stations - $42.48

Jones Feed Receipt - $43.04

Big Frog Shirt Receipts - $245.50

Jones Feed Pellets - Apr 15 2017 - $54.98

Walmart - Litter Boxes - Apr 15 2017 - $35.55

Lowes and Jones Feed Receipts - $113.84