So you want to adopt a bunny?  

Here are some things you need to know.

First, bunnies are inside pets ONLY.  Yes, they need to go outside and get some sun and play in the grass, but they are INDOOR pets ONLY.

When baby bunnies are sold for $20 – $30, that is really about $230 because they are usually required to be fixed BY LAW plus they will live longer if fixed (over 10 years)! If you don’t fix them, they will pee all over the place and if they get out, they can destroy your house by chewing all the wires in your house.

Bunnies require the correct equipment (exercise pens, large cage, carrier, litter boxes, paper litter, water and food dishes, toys, etc.), you are looking easily at a $400 investment overall just for one or two little bunnies.

At Bunnies Matter, we prefer to adopt out our bunnies as bonded pairs because when you are at work or school all day, at least they still have each other for company. Occasionally we will have singles or triplets available but we believe bonded pairs are the best way to go.

An ideal house would have no other pets but rabbits can get along with many dogs or cats, you just have to be careful and a bunny should never be left alone with a dog or a cat.

A bunny is not a starter pet for a small child. No one under 6 should ever have a bunny and if a child is under 12, there needs to be close adult supervision to make sure the bunny is being properly taken care of.


Bunnies Matter

Annie peaks her head out!












Smokey is not sure he likes that camera pointed at him.


Annie and Smokey have been waiting a long time for their perfect forever home. 🙁

Smokey is a little shy and a little fat but very sweet.  Annie is Smokey’s best friend but she is a little timid and just needs that special bunny person to love her. Both are about 2 years old and are both fixed. Both were part of our original TNR rescue but were brought inside due to injuries (both fully recovered now).

We also have a single bunny (Peach), who is very sweet and gentle. I will have a picture of her up by tomorrow night.


In the very near future, more bunnies available for adoption in the Las Vegas area will be shown here.
Thank you for your patience while we prepare this page for some great bunnies.

If you are interested in adopting, please contact us at