Las Vegas Bunnies

Available For Adoption


Happy & Grumpy 2 fixed males that are brothers. They just over 2 years old and are both very sweet and loving. They would be a great FurEver pet for anyone.


Monica (Brown) and Lewinski (Black) are an 8 month and 5-month-old bonded pair of females. They are both very sweet and both still need to be spayed.


Frankie #2  is just a year and is super friendly. Here is his account from our foster: “Frankie is a beautiful black and white “Dutch” bunny that we have had the pleasure to foster. He is a bit shy but develops confidence quickly in a safe and loving environment. He socializes with our three other pet bunnies confidently but is a little shy with people. He has begun to take treats from my wife’s hand and she is thrilled by this display of trust. Frankie enjoys being petted and having his ears and jaw line stroked and his will sit quietly on your lap some some time without incident. I believe that Frankie would do best with a fixed female in a bonded pair where his affectionate nature would have a natural outlet. His coat is smooth and soft and his temperament is gentle. He is a sweet heart!”


Elvira (Brown) is around 6mo old and was recently spayed. She is bonded with Sleepy who is just 2 years old and is a fixed male. They are both very sweet. This was a quick photo and I will get a better one of the two of them later.


Sweet Baby, Bernice and Mary Beth are all from the original Floyd Lamb Park rescue. They have been with us the longest, almost 3 years and would really LOVE to find them a FurEver home. We would separate them into a pair, although we would love to adopt out all 3 to a loving family. They have been together so long that they are best buddies! They have all been fixed and are ready to go. UPDATE!! Baby was just adopted by a family needing another bunny to bond with their bunny. So now it’s just Bernice & Mary Beth.

Sammie and Dean are also from the original Floyd Lamb rescue and are 2 years old. Sammie currently is recovering from an eye issue but is doing wonderful on his new eye drops. Both are very well trained and also a little shy, but very sweet. It won’t take long for them to warm up to you! They are a fixed male and female.


Roll recently came to the park, only to get in a scruff with another Alpha Male. He is all better and has been neutered, he is 6mo old. He is so excited to be here and will show his excitement in a “binky”, so cute!!


Tripper, well he’s one of my favorites! (Don’t tell the others, lol). Here is his account from our foster: “We are delighted to have fostered Tipper for the past few weeks while issues at the adoption center were being sorted out. He is a most affectionate and personable rabbit who gets along very well with our cat and truly enjoys the company of people and interacting with them. He loves to be stroked, petted, and having his head/ears gently massaged and he will sit with you for an hour or more before letting you know that his litter box is calling. His coat is silky soft and is a pleasure to the touch. He has on many occasions fallen asleep on my lap. He is fastidious in his grooming and once he has settled in, he diligently uses his litter box. Tipper will actually come running to greet you and shows tremendous interest in most anything you may do in his vicinity. He enjoys a wide variety of fruit and vegetable scraps (carrot and apple seem to be his favorites) but he may very well be addicted to banana (in small amounts). The only reason we have not made him a part of our family is that we have already have three other bunnies and frankly, Tipper does best with someone who will give him the dedicated attention he craves (and deserves). He is truly a loving pet.”


Blitz and Frosty are up for adoption but are not currently on site. Blitz has an eye infection that requires her to be on eye meds, probably for the rest of her life. Blitz is the sweetest bunny you will ever meet and has total trust in you handling her. If you are interested in this pair, please let us know.


Helli – Copter and Spot are both 7 months old and are really sweet. They may act a little shy at first, but will easily warm up to the loving touch. They are a fixed brother and sister.

Apollo & Kyrene are 2 year old brother & sister. They are both very sweet, but a little shy at first. We would LOVE to find them a FurEver home since they have been with us for awhile.


Starting on 10/17/2020, we are going to start public adoption events again at Floyd Lamb Park every Saturday from 10 AM to 3 PM. 

We will still also continue to do “private” bunny adoptions by “appointment only” as well on other days!

To visit the bunnies at Floyd Lamb Park, from the 215, exit to 95 north to Durango Blvd, them go right (NE). Follow Durango to Brent Lane (Entrance to the park is N. Durango & Brent Lane) and take a right  (E). This will take you to the entrance. After the entrance booth ($6 a car but free for Veterans & Handicapped – Discount for Seniors), take the first paved road right and proceed towards the white fence. Drive on the road and through the white fence.  Follow the paved road about a 1/4 mile our building will be straight ahead on the right (original Cow Building).
Please do not use your GPS for Floyd Lamb Park, 9200 Tule Springs Rd as it will take you to a back area of the park.

For appointments please text or email Dave at

(562) 373-5376 

Adoption prices are as follows:

$80 total for all of the “original” bonded pairs from the Floyd Lamb Park rescue including a full bunny starter kit. These bunnies have all been fully funded and have been vaccinated, chipped and fixed. We do not separate any bonded pairs of bunnies. 

$100 each for all bunnies rescued or received after October 2019.. Most of these rescued bunnies have been vaccinated and chipped.  However, not all have been fixed as their rescues have not been fully funded yet. Surrenders we receive are usually not vaccinated, chipped or fixed.  In these cases, we are asking for a donation (adoption fee) to pay for most of the cost of the spay or neuter, regardless if it has been done yet. Most of our bunnies have already been bonded and we cannot separate them. We occasionally have singles, however, bunnies are social animals and love a friend.  In general, we do not recommend a single bunny living by themselves. 

Regardless of the price, all adoptions will receive the following:

X-Pen, 2 litter boxes, 25 lb bag of woody pellets for the litter boxes, 25 lb bag of alfalfa bunny food pellets, a large bag of Timothy hay, food bowl, water bowl, tarp, nail clippers, hidey box, used carrier (donated to us) and of course, your bunnies! Just the equipment package is easily valued at over $125.00

Currently payment for adoptions can only be made to our GoFundMe page at:


OR via Paypal to 

In the event one or both of your bunnies need to be fixed, it will be considered an “Foster to Adopt”. By current City and County ordinances, we cannot adopt out a bunny that has not been fixed. You will fill out the appropriate paperwork, pay for the bunnies/equipment and make an appointment for the spay/neuter with our vet. Once your bunny or bunnies have been fixed, we will send you your chip transfer email for you to confirm ownership of your bunnies.

Payment for the spay/neuter can be done through us, or directly to Southern Hills Animal Hospital, using the link below.


Southern Hills Animal Hospital (Dr. Blakesley)

Click our Vet PayPal Button Below


 Bunnies are at least a 10 YEAR COMMITMENT, so please don’t adopt them if you are not going to love them like you would a member of your family.

Current bunnies available can be seen above or on Facebook by clicking the link below:


If you decide that a bunny is not right for you, please consider giving a donation to help save more of the “DUMPSITE” bunnies. 

So you want to adopt a bunny?  

How to adopt

The first step is to complete our BUNNY ADOPTION APPLICATION.

Read our rabbit information packet   Bunnies Matter Information Packet

To be sure adopting a rabbit is right for you, we also recommend that you read a rabbit care book, such as the “The Bunny Burrow Rabbit Care Guide” which the has allowed us to share with you!

Which one (or two) do I choose?

You’ll find a terrific selection of rabbits at our adoption events waiting to meet someone just like you. If you find one you love, please put his or her name in your adoption form.

Please note that most of our rabbits have a rabbit friend (bonded pair) which helps them from being lonely when you are at school or work.

We do not break up these bonded pairs; they must be adopted together.

If you aren’t sure which bunny is right for you, our adoption specialists love playing matchmaker!

What happens after I apply?

After we look over your application, we will talk with you about the rabbit(s) you’d like to adopt, and tell you more about any special needs they might have.

The fun part: How do I get my new rabbit(s)?

We encourage adopters to come to Floyd Lamb Park to meet their potential new rabbit(s) on the weekend after viewing online here or on Facebook.  Please text message us via phone (562) 373-5376 or Facebook so we can make sure we can have the bunny or bunnies you want available as many are fostered.  Once everyone agrees it’s a good fit, you can return to pick up your bunnies.

All rabbits are required by to be spayed or neutered and vetted by current City and County ordinances. 

If you are interested in adopting, please message us on Facebook or email at or text at (562) 373-5376.

Here are some additional things you may need to know.

First, bunnies are inside pets ONLY.  Yes, they need to go outside and get some sun and play in the grass, but they are INDOOR pets ONLY.

When baby bunnies are sold for $20 – $30, that is really about $230 because they are now required to be fixed by law plus they can live longer lives if fixed (over 10 years)! If you don’t fix them, many will spray all over the place to mark their territory.

Correct bunny housing requires the correct equipment (exercise pens $35+ each, carrier=-$25+, litter boxes-$5+, paper litter-$14+ for 25#s, water and food dishes-$1 at $1 store, toys-$???, etc.), you are looking easily at a $200+ investment overall just for one or two little bunnies including their adoption fee. At Bunnies Matter, everything you need to get you started with your new family member is included! 

At Bunnies Matter, we prefer to adopt out our bunnies as bonded pairs because when you are at work or school all day, at least they still have each other for company. Occasionally we will have singles or triplets available but we believe bonded pairs are the best way to go.

An ideal house would have no other pets but rabbits can get along with many dogs or cats, you just have to be careful and a bunny should never be left alone with a dog or a cat.

A bunny is not a starter pet for a small child. No one under 6 should probably have a bunny and if a child is under 12, there needs to be close adult supervision to make sure the bunny is being properly taken care of.

Here are just a few of our recent adoptions!

Freddy recently passed away.