Picture by Rick Novick

Our Vision & Goals

Our vision is simple. Bunny heroes working together to help make these abandoned bunnies lives a little better.

One of our first goals is to help educate people and businesses about these abandoned bunnies and to try to help to stop the dumping of any in the future. Our second goal is to help change bad animal laws and ordinances that allow bunnies to be sold after only 2 weeks or without being spayed or neutered (Completed in 2019 for City of Las Vegas). Last but not least, after rescuing them, we vet them and hope to find them furrever homes via local adoption events.

Our Volunteers

Bunnies Matter is different from most bunny rescue assistance type groups in that all of our amazing volunteers contribute their time AND money to help these bunnies. This is a grassroots effort and as a group, we cannot solely rely upon or wait on outside donations to help the bunnies because we cannot stop helping them even if we don't have the donations. If you want to help, but can't afford to pay for food for the bunnies, the bunnies always need fresh water at the dumpsites and there are many waterers that could be refilled at no cost to a volunteer. There are bunny dumpsites all over Vegas today.  #missionimpossible is our goal.