Only about a month before Easter and it’s time to stop all the illegal selling of baby bunnies in Las Vegas that will end up in our parks breeding this summer after they are dumped once they find out they don’t stay a small, cute little ball of fur. Everyone has seen all the bunny suffering that has been going on here due to this continued dumping in Vegas. Please share, print, tweet and post online and to any Las Vegas Feed Store or Swap Meets you know are selling them and get the word out that this is now illegal. Anyone who knows of any feed stores or swap meets selling them in Las Vegas (Clark Country specifically) and you don’t want to confront them, please message us with the names & addresses. Many only sell them at Easter like the IFA Country Store here in town. We have no problem reporting them to Animal Control either. Thank you! #stopthesuffering #adoptdontshop #bunniesmatterinvegastoo



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