Education and changing the many poorly written animal laws is the key to help solving this growing problem.

Unfortunatley you can be interviewed for an hour and only a minute or two of the actual information makes it to the public and you have little control of what actually gets in the news. Below are some links to some recent Bunnies Matter efforts to help raise awareness to this growing bunny problem in Las Vegas. Thanks to all the volunteers who not only help the bunnies but are also helping to spread the word and raise awareness.

Las Vegas’ feral bunnies create problems for groups trying to help them

Circa – Vegas has a big rabbit problem

Atlas Obscura – Feral Bunnies Are Taking Over Las Vegas

Channel 3 News Las Vegas – Rabbits Run Rampant in Las Vegas

Las Vegas Pet Scene – Educational bunny article on Page 34

Only in your State

NBC – New York

Journal Online