Education and changing the many poorly written animal (bunny) laws in Las Vegas and around the country is the key to help solving this growing problem.

Below are links to some of our Bunnies Matter efforts to help raise awareness to this growing bunny problem in Las Vegas.

Thanks to all our members and volunteers who not only help the bunnies but are also helping to spread the word and raise awareness.


THE SUNDAY MAGAZINE (COVER PAGE) – Las Vegas Sun Magazine – See pages 14-15 for our Las Vegas Dumpsite Spread

THE SUNDAY – Las Vegas Sun Magazine – Inside the World of Animal Rescues – November 2017

the dodo – Woman finds HUNDREDS of Abandoned Bunnies – And Decides To Save Them All

THE SUNDAY MAGAZINE (CENTERFOLD) – Las Vegas Sun Magazine – See pages 20-21 for our Las Vegas Dumpsite Spread

FOX 5 – City & County Ignoring Ballooning Bunny Problem


Las Vegas’ feral bunnies create problems for groups trying to help them

Channel 13 – July 2017 – Bunny poisonings

Channel 8 – July 2017  – Featuring interviews with Stacey, Tina and Nikki

Circa – Vegas has a big rabbit problem

Atlas Obscura – Feral Bunnies Are Taking Over Las Vegas

Channel 3 News Las Vegas – Rabbits Run Rampant in Las Vegas (February 2017)

Las Vegas Pet Scene – Educational bunny article on Page 34

Only in your State

Rabbit Roundup Fails – Featuring interviews with Stacey and Mary